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myinfatuation's Journal

Winter in Narnia
30 May 1982

now it's raining it's pouring
the old man is snoring
now I lay me down to sleep
I hear the sirens in the street
all my dreams are made of chrome
I have no way to get back home
I'd rather die before I wake
like Marilyn Monroe
and throw my dreams out in
the street and the
rain make 'em grow

Tom Waits-- "A Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun"


80's cock rock, 80s, a perfect circle, abandoned buildings, albert fish, alice in wonderland, and one, angel wings, anime, apoptygma berserk, architecture, art, b&w photography, babydoll dresses, bettie page, big boots, billy idol, blue eyes, boobs, boys, brian molko, britpop, bubble baths, bubble bobble, bunnies, candles, candy, cartoons, chuck palahniuk, churches, clara bow, concerts, corsets, covenant, creativity, curiosity, dancing, danny elfman, david bowie, daydreaming, depeche mode, doom generation, dreaming, ed gein, electro-goth, england, europe, eyeliner, fairies, family guy, fight club, fire, fishnet, flirting, flowers, frank sinatra, french fries, funker vogt, glitter, goth, gothic, greek mythology, guitar, halloween, hips, horror movies, industrial music, invader zim, jack the pumpkin king, jack-o-lanterns, japanimation, jawbreaker, jthm, kittens, labyrinth, leaether strip, legend of zelda, lilies, lip rings, lollipops, love, madonna, make-up, marilyn monroe, metroid, modeling, motley crue, nail polish, nes, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, nitzer ebb, october, oral sex, pajamas, philosophy, photography, piercings, pin-ups, placebo, platform shoes, psychology, pumpkins, purple, pvc, rain, rainbow bright, ralph wiggum, reading, religion, rocky horror picture show, rodin, rosaries, rose mcgowan, sex and the city, shopping, six feet under, sleeping, sleeping beauty, smarch, spiders, sporks, stars, sweet tarts, synthpop, tattoos, the beach at night, the cure, the princess bride, the simpsons, thigh highs, thunder storms, tim burton, toys, tummies, vinyl, violin, vnv nation, willy wonka, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut